You're about to see more models over 30 fronting campaigns and there's a few good reasons why. We started looking at some facts.

1. 50% of the Australian population is over 37 years old.

2. The wealth of those aged 55+ is growing more quickly than any other age group. 3. Over 65s today control 30% of total wealth in Australia – despite the GFC.

Yet, you only need to turn on the television, look at a billboard or flick open a magazine to see that despite the increasing spending power of older generations, we remain youth-obsessed. Brands continue to chase the affections of the young.

Simultaneously, we're told 40 is the new 30, 60 the new 50 or even the new 45. On-trend 20-somethings are dying their hair grey.

UK and European markets have already embraced the trend. Getty Images reports show the surge in demand for older model pics is a growing global trend.

Brands recognise that consumers want to see imagery representative of themselves, albeit themselves through rose coloured glasses. Finding the talent is our job. Our mission is to represent Australia’s most in-demand models. Those well-travelled trailblazers, whose beauty and intrigue transcends age.

It’s time for models over 30 to sell the sizzle, walk catwalks and be the face of beauty campaigns – and not only as a PR stunt.

The tide is turning.

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