Nick Wooster. You may not know his name but you know his style

Nick is not a model but he is a SILVERFOX - that's not what you need to know but it is important.

Having swooned and gawked over this 55 year old New York street style icon's wardrobe for a good couple of years I wanted to know more about what goes through Nick's head when he gets ready every morning.

Here's what I've learned: He's a contrarian.

Whether it's his approach to tumblr (the repost function goes against all the principles of plagerism), never wanting to wear something as much as when someone tells him not to or jumping on his 'hater' site for laughs.

It's his juxtaposition of exquisite tailoring paired with his two full tattooed sleeves - and his love of the fact that a man can throw on a suit jacket and keep a full sleeve his complete secret.

His perfectly groomed, perfectly silver disconnected undercut (that's fashion code for 'short on the sides long on top') hairstyle is well quaffed to the point it seems to defy the laws of gravity.

Walking down the street, his look is nostalgic and at the same time 'of the moment' - he'll match activewear with suiting with a touch of steampunk and carry it off with a confidence unmatched.

The lesson - experiment with this so wrong it's right approach and reap the street cred.

We love you Nick.