What a hunk-a-spunk! Get to know our newest international recruit - in one minute flat!

The 9 essentials:

- He is the proud owner of many brightly coloured and patterned pants
- To get a bod like his you'll be visiting the gym no less than 6 times a week
- He rocks a pair of frames like no other
- His hair is perfectly silver and no doubt sparkles in the moonlight
- With a fun and cheeky style he's amassed a dedicated audience of 28.5K on Insta
- He can't resist.... cookie dough ice cream!
- Before modelling he made a career as a successful actor and also wears a hats as an artist and entrepreneur
- Santa Barbara USA he calls home... BUT
- There's nothing he loves more than globetrotting - let's make his next destination AUS

Want more? Check out Garrett's portfolio and Insta @thegarrettswann