If there was any doubt beauty is ageless, these stunning women prove otherwise!

Today we’re talking beauty tips with some BEAUTIFUL women - Australia and the USA's top mature age models.

Read on to find out what keeps these ageless beauties looking radiant. Their answers might surprise you!

Pia Gronning is one of the world’s leading models. She loves getting outdoors and spending quality time with family. Being a pretty low maintenance kind of gal in all aspects of life, it's no surprise her beauty regime can be summed up in a word - simple.

Her tips – “Water! Fresh air, good food, clean face (when I'm not on set of course), exercise long walks and a happy attitude to life."

Pia says, “ageing is all in your mind, we all age so embrace it and refuse to give up!”

MaryAnn Elizabeth is a global inspiration, encouraging women to age with grace and glow in all aspects of their lives.

On beauty, she says, “No secrets here, I am happy to share! I definitely believe beauty begins from the inside out. Kahlil Gibran expressed it best, ‘beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.’ I believe in feeding ourselves well, body & mind: nutritionally, spiritually, physically and emotionally, this takes serious commitment! I’m pretty sure it was Bette Davis who said, ‘Ageing is not for sissies!’

Heike Hohaus, Melbourne-based model and qualified nutritionist, gives similar advice – healthy skin comes from the inside out. With her glowing skin and contagious smile it shows! She loves to be out nature and is a bit of a green thumb, growing a lot of herbs, fruit and vegetables herself. Like Pia, she subscribes to the idea that less is more with skin care.

But, if you’re looking for some cold hard products to try too, Katie and Debra are here to help.

Katie: "I really love the Arbonne range, but I use my grandmothers trick: lots of water, green smoothies and Vitamin E moisturiser"
Debra: "For me it has to be Antibodies Organic skin care"

A final word of advice from Carole, which all Aussies should take heed of: sunscreen and a hat!!

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