Yes, society is not the youth-obsessed shallow beast it once was as our older models prove, but we still need reminding from time to time about why adding up those years is fabulous.

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You will have more money. In Australia, 50-69-year-olds hold more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth. We’re not saying that money makes you happy, but being able to afford holidays, meals out, nice experiences and all is nice.

You don’t sweat the small stuff. As you accumulate experience, you gain perspective. Chances are you’ve gone through life’s big challenges by the time you’re in your 40s and 50s. Little things don’t bother you as much as they did when you were younger.

You will have found your sense of style. Once you’ve reached your 30s or 40s, you will know what suits your body shape. Wearing clothes that make the most of your looks is a huge confidence boost.

This is a great time to be alive. No doubt, the world has its problems and uncertainties, but the opportunities available to us are many. Travel, hobbies, the chance to try out new experiences such as Tinder – they are there for the taking.

You have the power. Certain age groups are increasing. More Australians than ever are in their 50s and older. This gives them real power, as they become increasingly attractive to politicians, advertisers and businesses. Organisations and industries will queue up to provide them with the services and products they want.