One question our classic models get asked a lot is – how do you manage to look so good?

Years ago, the inference would have been “for your age”, but modern sensibilities have changed. Increasingly, age has lost its relevance when it comes to fashion, style and good looks.

Still, advice about looking good is sought after. What can our older models teach us?

Confidence and a ready smile make everyone more attractive. Why? A person who smiles looks approachable, as if they might be good company. We might think good looks are what we want most, but pleasant, enjoyable company tops that. Smile at everyone. See what happens.

Active lifestyles. As doctors and scientists tell us, an active lifestyle is the key to good health. Exercise improves the circulation – and the complexion – and helps weight maintenance. Think activity, rather than exercise. Walk with friends, garden, dance, do your housework, take the stairs, practise yoga… everything counts.

Water, fruit and vegetables. A good diet and plenty of sleep do the job of any expensive skin cream. Water keeps your skin hydrated and your eyes bright, as do fruit and vegetables.

A great haircut, fabulous eyebrows and teeth. All our older models have these in common. Being wrinkle-free isn’t as good for your looks as hair, eyebrows and teeth. A great haircut will make the most of your features, as will well-shaped eyebrows. Find professionals who can do them well. And it’s never too late to improve your smile, whether you want to improve crooked teeth or whiten them.

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