Recent years have seen a shift in the terminology used by the big beauty brands when it comes to skincare.

Recognising that many women don’t necessarily want to look younger, words such as anti-ageing aren’t getting as much traction. Now, we see beauty campaigns by the likes of L’Oréal and Olay that uses terms such as pro-ageing or age perfect instead.

It’s all about putting a positive spin on ageing and encouraging women to love themselves as they are.

We applaud such a move. Our models vary in age, and yet all show that style and elegance are timeless qualities. Brands using older models tap into the trend of loving yourself at any age, rather than trying to persuade women that a skincare ad that uses a young model sends the right message.

We want more brands to take on this idea of loving the process of getting older. Plenty of women say they enjoy the self-confidence that comes with ageing, as well as the wisdom and contentment advancing years bring.

If brands celebrate this by using models over the age of 40, 50, 60 and beyond, they will tap into a huge market, one that is wealthy too.

Getting older? Bring it on.