Meet our top three model influencers, the model brand ambassadors to boost the presence of your next campaign.

With 20K to over 100K followers Yazemeenah, Jill Wright and quintessential SILVERFOX Anthony Varrecchia might already be familiar. Here's a snapshot of what makes their fans double tap!

Portfolio: Yazemeenah Rossi
Handle: @yazemeenah
Followers: 26.6K

If you're looking for the ultimate beach babe or perhaps the most famous silver mane in modelling Yazemeenah Rossi is your girl. She's a photographer, artist, actor, health living advocate, yogi and grandmother. Her unique look makes her one of the most head-turning models in the biz. Her Insta feed is filled with personality - giving you an insider's view into her life. She shares content ranging from work to food, yoga, family and of course, the beach.

Brands play a big part in the story, as her highly engaged social media followers love sharing behind the scenes moments on set with Yazemeenah.

Image by @gabriellamuttone

Portfolio: Jill Wright
Handle: @iamjillwright
Followers: 23.4K

You'll love Jill for her cool style and vibrancy in front of the camera. You can't help but share in the fun Jill brings to her Instagram feed - she'll pull you in and bring you along for the ride. She spends a lot of her life on set - sharing the full gamut of brands she collaborates with to her engaged fans. She's a passionate traveller, socialite, wife, friend, food and booze connoisseur who lives life to the full - something her audience and we love her for!

As you scroll through Jill's feed, don't miss her super spunky mum, Michelle (coming soon to SILVERFOX MGMT - watch this space)

Image by @mike_cooper_photo

Anthony Varrecchia - BRAND NEW TO SILVERFOX
Handle: @anthony.varrecchia
Followers: 102K

If you look up "silverfox" in the dictionary you'd probably see a picture of this guy. In fact, if you look up "silverfox" on Pinterest we guarantee you'll see him! This stallion has a huge and dedicated worldwide following, helping to make him one of the most in-demand male models in the US. We couldn't be more excited to represent him locally and give Aussie brands the opportunity to work and collaborate with him.

His look seamlessly transitions from rugged to sexy to polished. His fans love an sneak peek of his work - underwear, men's grooming, fragrances and men's fashion work topping the scale for engagement.

Image by @brunocreativeImage by @anthony.varrecchia

If you'd like to find out more or book Yazemeenah, Jill or Anthony for your next campaign contact us or email - [email protected]