There’s one thing the models at Silverfox Management have in common and that’s confidence in their own skin.

Often, an intrinsic belief in yourself comes with age anyway, but not all people are lucky enough to achieve it. Yes, we represent stylish and attractive people but if you look though the photos in our gallery what you will notice first and foremost is health and confidence.

Both make anyone and everyone attractive.

We want you to think about this. Surrounded by empty champagne bottles from a great New Years' Eve party is often a moment for reflection – and worry that life is passing us by.

Make like the models we represent. Throw yourselves wholeheartedly and unapologetically into the life you live. Enjoy it, concentrate only on the people and the things you love, discard the rest. Smile at strangers, practice self-compassion and be grateful for something every day.

Make health and confidence your first goal and the rest will follow.