Carole is a rare find. Not only is she beautiful and confident with a great set of pins, she's a chameleon.

We were lucky enough to spend a day with her in her element - in front of the camera in the studio.

Seeing Carole sitting serenely in her winter knit - the only thing missing was a hot tea (or glass of red) and a fireplace. A perfect shot for high winter look books and catalogues.

Not every face can hold a bold frame - black no less - Carole is an exception, with clear strength of emotion coming through in bold thick rimmed frames - a look ideal for optical and sun campaigns.

An creative spirit and artist at heart - her true personality shone as she sat seated in black, conjuring her next creation.

To book Carole - contact us - or email [email protected]

Photographer Ben Pyke

Stylist Mariah Jakosky, Mariah & Co

Hair & Makeup Jessica Diez