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Customer Stage, Wednesday 5pm
Session: Rethinking Your Brand for The Age of Agelessness

When it comes to marketing to the 50+ consumer, it’s well past time to throw the stereotypes out the window.

We’re living in a changed world, where ageing is being totally redefined.

Where consumer behaviour is now tribal, not generational.

Where people over 50 spend over half a billion dollars on brands, every day.

And where most agencies have no real idea how to embrace this growing opportunity.

Is this laziness or ageism? Or both? With margins tighter than ever, why ignore – or worse, misinterpret – a market with money to lavish on brands that can get it right?

This myth-busting session from a panel of experts in research, data, ‘age positive’ talent and brand comms takes a practical approach to gaining greater value from the older adult market – showing how to know more, reach more and sell more.

Laura Demasi, Director of Research, Social Trends at Ipsos, shares her latest insights into those living in the ‘Age of Agelessness’ – longer lived, healthier, wealthier and with none of the passivity of previous generations.

Jeff Sanders, CEO at Beyond Analysis, covers how to reach 50+ adults more effectively, by better understanding the data flowing from the different segments of a population now approaching eight million.

Brigitte Warne, Managing Director at Silverfox MGMT, Australia’s first agency dedicated to representing mature aged talent, will discuss the brands getting it right when it comes to representing 50+ adults.

Nick Richardson, Partner at Fifty Not Out, will moderate and talk about how to communicate with people over 50, what to say (and not), what to show (and not), how to avoid being inadvertently ageist, patronising or creating a freak show.

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