What’s one way to attract positive publicity and get customers onside? Target Australia achieved both targets (!) late last year when they launched their 2015 Christmas catalogue.

The directory featured Target’s new range of summer bikinis modelled by a diverse section of the population. Instead of using the expected model – tall, slim and of course young – the women were of various sizes and body shapes. Target used mature models too.

The move won them attention and praise. The Target Facebook page was inundated with people thanking them for using mature models and women whose bodies don’t match up to unachievable, classic model standards.

Spokeswoman Kristene Reynolds said the company received an “amazing response” on social media to its swimwear catalogue. She added that the company was committed to promoting diversity and celebrating all women. Amen, sister!

Target has also introduced bigger-size mannequins across its stores as part of a commitment to representing real women in Australia. The average Australian customer size is 14, whereas most mannequins are a size 8.

Managing director Stuart Machin said it was important that the company was accessible to real Australians, allowing women to accurately see what clothes will look like on themselves and a body they could identify with.

Pic thanks to Target Australia.