It's with great excitement we welcome top international talent to SILVERFOX. Women who epitomise ageing gracefully and own arguably the world's greatest silver hair.

Welcome Yazemeenah Rossi:
Yazemeenah nearly broke the Internet in her iconic swimwear shoot for The Dreslyn. Pundits touted the beautiful, natural shoot as redefining swimwear - trading in the sexy young woman on the beach for a true and simple natural beauty.
Yazemeenah is a photographer, actor, organic, healthy living advocate and grandmother of two.

Image via The Dreslyn

Welcome Pia Gronning:
Many will remember Pia from her work with J. Crew - a long time supporter of diverse talent in campaigns. With strong Nordic features and a joyous smile, she turns heads and commands attention.
Pia is of Danish background, has had a successful career not only as a model but interior design expert. She's also a grandmother.

Image via J.Crew

Welcome Hillary Bitar:
Take one look at Hillary's Instagram and you know she's one fit beach babe. A natural beauty, she inspires people to be true to themselves and live life to the fullest. There's no diets for Hillary - everything in moderation. She started going grey at 30 and has never dyed her stunning long silver locks #rockstar