Anyone can look good in a photograph, we promise you.

The older models at Silver Fox Model Management have good genes on their side, but if you want your pictures to look brilliant, rather than bad read our top tips for getting those pictures model-quality…

Smile! Everyone looks better when they smile. If you are self-conscious about your teeth, it can be worth investing in teeth whitening or straightening treatments.

Know your best side. Certain people – Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham among them – worked out their best side long ago. You’ll notice in posed pics that they used the same pose. Victoria Beckham always:

puts a hand on her hip (slimming for arms)

faces the camera three-quarters (more flattering than face on)

and puts one leg forward (slimming and lengthening the legs).

Get a friend or partner to take lots of pictures of you trying out different poses until you find the one that suits you.

In general, photos taken from above are more flattering than those taken from below. No-one sees a double chin!

Look at the camera as if you love it. People who hate having their photo taken often look put out or cross in pictures. Fake it till you make it. If you react as if you love the camera, you’ll look relaxed and cheerful.

Follow these tips and you’ll get pictures you love – ones that make you look as good as our older models do. Happy snapping!

In our humble opinion, age brings wisdom, happiness, wealth and all sorts of good things. It often brings better looks too. Older models are much more in demand these days, as brands begin to recognise the value of ageless style.

Here’s our list of the women we think just keep getting better and better…

Halle Berry. The 50-year-old has worked that short hair look for years, a vast improvement on the long hair she sported in her earlier years. She exudes glamour, radiance and health.

Julia Roberts. Julia is incredibly stylish these days, picking fabulous fashion choices all the time. Her choices look confident and assured and that confidence makes her so attractive these days.

Helen Mirren grew into her cheekbones and hairstyle. Years ago, she was pretty. Now she’s stunning. No wonder she’s so in demand as a model in her 70s.

Daphne Selfe. Daphne is an inspiration to us all. She’s been modelling for 49 years and she’s a wonderful example of an older model. We love the distinctive glasses and piercing blue eyes that are so full on intelligence.