What does a photo shoot involve?

If you’re considering joining Silver Fox Management, but you’ve never modelled before you might wonder what a photo shoot involves.

Thanks to societal changes older models are in high demand. Here’s what happens on a photo shoot…

Photographers usually work to tight briefs. A brand’s advertising or marketing department will have prepared the briefing for what the photos should look like, or convey. When you arrive at a photo shoot, the photographer will share the brief with you and discuss the pictures he or she wants, and what you should do.

Most shoots will have hairdresser and make-up artist. They will have been briefed too and it’s their job to make you look as good as possible. You need to arrive in time for this work to be done before the shoot.

The photographer will give you instructions for how he or she wants you to pose or move. If you find any of it uncomfortable, do speak up. If someone is uncomfortable, it will show up on film. The photographer might prepare music to help you relax. Good photographers are skilled at making people forget they are being photographed.

A photo shoot can take a lot longer than you might think. The photographer’s job is to get the best possible pictures that show a brand in its best possible light. This will mean taking lots and lots of pictures, changing lighting, changing poses and more. It requires patience on the part of the model.

And that’s it! Another photo shoot done and dusted.

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