Yazemeenah Rossi for The Dresyln

Do you think you have it in you to be a model? There’s cultural change afoot. The world wants to see older models, who represent the population’s demographics.

More companies are seeking out senior men and women to become fashion models to help them attract new customers. These days, the older generation has much more money to spend. They want to see advertising which features people like them.

Older models are advertising more products anyway these days – from beauty, to cars, insurance and more.

We look for:

 Men and women, aged 30 and over

 Good skin – though this doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. Wrinkles and age spots are part of the ageing process, after all!

 Healthy bodies

 An ability to project emotions that will be recognised on camera and film

 An ability to act. The photograph or film needs to convey something, be that mystery, intrigue, glamour and more. Models have to act a part in order to sell something and more often than not brands are looking to shoot video and still imagery for campaigns

These are broad guidelines. There are some whose appearance is so striking and who are so photogenic, they break the rules.

Modeling does take stamina. It can involve long hours, standing in certain positions for extended periods of time, travelling to different locations and more. It can also demand patience to get the perfect shot.

But if you think you’ve got what it takes, why not contact us?