Growing up in China and professionally trained in Media Communication and Broadcasting, Charlene made her way as a language training specialist, actress and model in Australia. Being passionate about acting and modelling, she had been featured in various film productions, including the 2017 48 Hours Film Making Project, Melbourne International Film Festivals, a number of music video productions and the upcoming ABC-Matchbox Quiz Live Show. Her new film production ‘Drum Wave’ by Natalie Erica James-Director of CRESWICK is also on its way! Being passionate about communication and community empowering, she founded HER WAY in 2017, a women’s blog with over 15K audience. HER WAY interviews women from all walks of life and invites them to share their unique life stories and experiences through 5 self-reflective questions. It is an online platform for women in our broad community to reach out, open up, connect, share expertise, passions, dreams and provide mutual support. HER WAY welcomes and opens to all, if you’d like to be a part of it, please feel free to visit and get in contact. Deeply influenced by her own upbringing and extensive travelling around the world, Charlene founded Chinesee E-Learning in 2016, a system that teaches Chinese using pictograph. Chinesee has been a huge success during its trial use in 2016 and 2017 in Victorian schools and has been now used in over 30 Victorian schools contributing to the engagement of Australia and Asia.