Georgina Solomon is a Lithuanian-Australian model, actress and tastemaker. A multidisciplinary creative force, Georgina has built a career that explores a diverse range of skills which has led her to understand what it takes to be both in-front of and behind the camera. As a prominent artist and content creator, she embodies a unique blend of creativity and business acumen.

Georgina's journey in the world of fashion and creativity has been a dynamic one. In 2021 she founded PRIM HAUS, a curated photographic studio that has now expanded and is a renowned name in the industry. She previously owned a clothing label and footwear line, and even ran her own fashion Boutique. Over the years these opportunities have allowed her to nurture her talents and broaden her skills in creative direction, photography, motion, interiors and entrepreneurship.

With Georgina, style goes beyond her clothes, it’s about how she wears it and how she presents herself in the world. Her confident, inspiring looks and how she holds herself always highlights who she is.