Jacky O'Shaughnessy

Wonderfully irreverent Jacky O'Shaughnessy made worldwide headlines when she became the face of youth-orientated brand American Apparel. Her lingerie shots sparked a global conversation about beauty and the conventions of fashion marketing.

Jacky stepped up to the plate and spoke out as an age-positive advocate. She's since bared all in the name of helping women improve their body image. Jacky says - “The fear of ageing needs to be put in its place, and one way to do that is to visually embrace the process."

“It’s very freeing to say this is my body, this is what it is. It may not be perfect, whatever that is, and I’ve got the odd bulge like anyone else, but it no longer matters. It is time to love, accept and enjoy your body unconditionally.”

6”0 and striking - Jacky is a runway regular and recently walked for TOME at NYFW. With her strong voice in the industry, she's a media favorite and has been featured by SMH, The Independent, Women's Fitness and Elle amongst others