Martin Byrne-Quinn

In 2017, after 20 years away from the business, Martin was a guest presenter/cook on an award winning web based series, Eating With Soula.

Shortly after, he got some headshots done, joined Silverfox MGMT and immediately booked a couple of TV commercials. 

Last March, he committed to a 12 week online body transformation.

The physical and health benefits are clear in his incredible physique but the emotional benefits have been the most mind blowing . He is more confident, and feels that he is here and relevant.

He walked in The Iconic Swimwear Runway 2018 at 54years of age and gave the young guns a run for their money and is featured as DNA’s Sexiest Man Alive in their September 2019 Issue.

“Now I know with every cell of my being that anything is possible at any age.

Society puts restrictions on us and how we should behave, but I say, “I’m not letting my age define me! Why can’t I be sexy, amazing and dynamic right now.”