Sara Shams

Sara is an experienced and in-demand model, speaker, creator, actor, and disability activist. As a bilateral above knee amputee, her mission is to raise awareness on what it takes to be truly and authentically inclusive within the fashion and media industry, and beyond.

Using her lived experience and an intersectional approach, Sara aims to challenge the negative implications that surround disability, to normalise and recognise people with disabilities as valuable members of society. Sara’s journey to ‘embracing her quirks’ has been facilitated by an adaptive mindset whilst challenging societal bias and barriers. Recognised as a change maker, Sara is passionate about body acceptance, authentic representation, and creating age, size and ability inclusive spaces.

Saras’ creative career is complemented by a background in healthcare, and having recently commenced in board director roles, Sara is also advocating for inclusive representation in leadership positions. People with disabilities continue to be underrepresented in boardrooms across Australia and Sara is working towards building disability-confident businesses and organisations.

As a proud disabled woman of colour, Sara’s presence in brand campaigns, events, runways, and screens, creates space for people from various walks of life. From the catwalk, to the TV screen and even in the boardroom Sara is committed to breaking barriers and redefining perceptions of beauty and disability.