Yazemeenah Rossi has famously redefined the age limit for being a ‘sex symbol’.

The French-born beauty started going grey in her teens, but didn’t let that stop her launching a career as a model at 28. Her career exploded internationally at the age of 45 when she made the move to NYC represented by Ford.

Since then, with internationally publicised campaigns such as 'that' white swimsuit for Land of Women x the Dreslyn, Yazemeenah

has attracted plenty of labels, from ‘hot grandma’ to ‘senior sex symbol’. Not one for labels, she thinks of herself more as a 'free sprit'.

The grandmother of two gives millennials a run for their money with an Instagram following of 213k.

A favourite with Aussie and international media, in 2016 alone she was featured in SMH, New Daily, Popsugar, Daily Mail, Who What Wear, SBS, on the cover of the Observer magazine in the Guardian UK and more.

When she's not modelling she's following her passions as a visual artist, actor and photographer.

Recent work includes Macy's, Marks & Spencer, JD Williams