Brands increase purchase intent up to 200% using mature age models
Top international talent joins SILVERFOX


The blog is designed as a news source and space for open forum discussion. We'll cover topics ranging from the modeling industry in Sydney, Melbourne, Australia and abroad to new brand campaigns, events and exhibitions featuring mature models, classic models and models over 30. We will feature trailblazers in the modeling industry, new market leading campaigns, inspiring mature men and women. We believe we're on the cusp of a major shake up of the way brands market in Australia - the new wave will be contextual advertising using talent that talks directly to the niche, to the key target market. This is an exciting moment in the world of advertising - the outcome will be more diversity and relevance for the consumer and more authentic brand representations. Our blog will cover developments in this space as they unfold. Storytellers at heart, we'll spin yarns in an opinionated style - with excitement, awe, cynicism, admiration and sarcasm. No opinions will be held back - we encourage readers to comment, like and share. Keep the conversation rolling and be a driving part of the change.

Read the blog to get to know more about Silverfox Mgmt to hear news about the agency, meet new faces on our books as we sign models over 30 in Sydney, mature models in Melbourne and get to know our point of view on the changing face of the modeling industry in Australia. We hope this inspires you to contact us to see our commercial faces, fashion faces, classic male models and classic female models.